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Konflict > TROLL (1504) > 30/11/11 00:27
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Greetings Ravencrest.

Allow me to introduce you to Casual FTW - a 10 man casual raiding team within Loot FTW.


There's a handful of Loot FTW members from the past that have been forced into retirement due to that damn thing they call RL. Not being able to raid hardcore certainly sucks, especially when you still have such a passion for the game. On top of this, after taking time out you kinda realise how much time you spent coming home from work/school every evening and sitting plugged into this game for hours on end and how that time may be better spent. As a result of this situation, a 10 man casual raiding group was formed for Cataclysm for past and present Loot FTW members as well as friends.

In preparation for Dragon Soul Heroic and given the fact that we have migrated to a great new server, we are opening recruitment for our casual group to bolster our numbers.

We are currently working on HC DS with 4/8 dead and a kill close on Hagara.

We Currently raid Weds, Sundays and Mondays with an occasional Tuesday raid from 20:00 to around 00:00 if we are close to a kill.

Currently we're looking for:


However, particularly Mage, Elemental Shaman DPS with resto offspec or Shadow Priest with healing off spec.

If you are interested or know anyone that may be interested that's looking for a casual raiding team, please let us know or apply within. It's important to note that joining the casual raiding group does not automatically grant a guild invitation to Loot FTW.

You can apply by PM'ing me on these forums using the template above or apply privately to

You can also contact myself, Rabs or Aisha in-game.


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thynos > Peon (2) > 01/12/11 12:24
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Konflict wrote:
...You can apply by PM'ing me on these forums using the template above or apply privately to

You can also contact myself, or Orzó in-game.


Hello, you deleted all the applies in this thread and you also deleted the template you mention.
blem > WANNABE TROLL (1020) > 01/12/11 13:30
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Character Name/Class/Spec:
Playtime on that char:
Link to your Armory profile:
What is your real name:
What country are you from:
Email address:

You & Guilds

1. Do you have friends in Loot FTW and did anyone recommend you to join us?

2. List your previous guilds giving rough dates when you left them. Also why you left/are leaving them?

Activity & Reliability

3. Are there certain periods of the year where you go inactive? Is there any reason why you wouldn't be able to maintain raiding 3 days a week?

PC Specs

4. What are your PC Specifications and what latency do you usually play with?

5. Do you have Ventrilo & a microphone? Do you talk on Ventrilo?

World of Warcraft

6. Provide Screenshot of UI.

7. Detail previous PVE experience.

8. List any additional characters that you have that may be useful to us.

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