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You will find two-three years of news-updates here. A lot of pics missing and so forth though. Enjoy what is left for nostalgia.

IM BLIND, NOT DEAF! 26.07.2007
And so it ends, Illidan is dead! After a few long and grueling nights, that resulted in a 10% wipe shortly before server maintenance kicked in, we returned to the Black Temple to finish what we had begun.

With renewed spirits we swept through the Temple killing everything on our path with a level of efficiency not displayed since our first Ahn'Qiraj clear. Once we arrived on the Temple Summit we knew it would only be a matter of a few attempts before The Betrayer would kneel before us. Our first attempt was swiftly halted by the almighty laser, but on our second try Illidan would not be so lucky. This time there would be no escape for The Betrayer. We passed phase two, which for us had been the hardest part of the fight, flawlessly and proceeded into phase three. Then everything clicked into place until phase four.

Maiev made her entry and the raid got stunned, but as if our luck had not been bad enough during the past few days Illidan infected us with a parasite a split second before the raid wide stun. This resulted in parasites roaming rampant during the stun, but we managed to get on top of it after the stun wore off rather quickly. Then moments away from Illidan's death our main tank engaged in a harrowing pole dance in an attempt to get Illidan into one of Maiev's traps. But there appeared to be no trap at all! We quickly lured him into the next trap and finished him. After 10.000 years Illidan has finally been put to rest! And our hunt, as is Maiev's, is finally over.

Excellent job people you have all put in some tremendous effort these past few weeks. And special thanks to all the people that have been with us from the start, those that never gave up and those that could not be on the kill itself. Also thanks to the Twilight's Hammer community that supported us in our endeavours.

With the death of Illidan we conclude our business in the Burning Crusade. No future raiding content has been announced so far which means we will have a long and well earned period of rest where we will do some casual farming and host numerous activities, some that will probably be open to the public.

It is a shame however that many great guilds on Twilight's Hammer have fallen. The healthy competition and the rivalry between Horde and Alliance seems to be a thing of the past. It has been a long time since we have met any Horde near an instance let alone ganking some nice cows from PoW. All that remains are spiteful comments and delusions of grandeur. With the lack of competition we faced in TBC we are eagerly awaiting to witness that which no guild has done before! To help you with this task we have left our bread crumbs behind in the Black Temple to guide you through, as was foreseen long ago by one of our devout members.

Good luck to all other guilds that are currently raiding and progressing through Blizzard's content. Hang in there, once you're done with SSC and TK the raiding game becomes a lot more enjoyable!

GUESS WHAT'S NEXT! 17.07.2007
Illidari Council down. The Betrayer is up next..

  16.07.2007 by
One step closer..

Click here to watch the movie!

  09.07.2007 by
With Archimonde dead it was time to return to the Black Temple and finish what we had started two weeks ago.

Next up was the Reliquary of Souls, but unlike the bosses before it, the Reliquary proved to be quite hard. The encounter consists out of three phases each with its own face. Essence of Suffering, Essence of Desire and Essence of Anger. Every phase has its own unique abilities combined with a unique aura. The auras range from all healing reduced by 100%, armor reduced by 100% to damage done is damage taken. And it is these auras that make this encounter unique and very challenging. Add to this that every phase is very tightly tuned and you end up with an encounter where no one is allowed to make a mistake if you are to succeed.

After mastering Essence of Suffering and Essence of Desire on the previous day, only to fail on Essence of Anger due to technical difficulties on sub 10% multiple times, it was time to destroy the Reliquary. However at the start of the evening we were plagued with multiple disconnects. One person came back and the other disconnected and it continued to be like this for a good thirty minutes. At this point all that was needed for a kill was to actually have the entire raid online in phase three. Then finally people seemed to stabilize and we actually managed to get into phase three with 25 people online and alive. We gave everything we had and crushed the Essence of Anger.

Excellent job people this was possibly the hardest encounter we have come across so far in The Burning Crusade.

Click here to watch the movie!

  03.07.2007 by
The Battle for Mount Hyjal is finished.

  01.07.2007 by
Archimonde to go!

  29.06.2007 by
Kaz'rogal down. Expect updates on sunday..

  21.06.2007 by
The evening started out bad with the instance servers going down. Luckily they went up again after half an hour or so. Once everyone was back online we went to Gurtogg Bloodboil. After fighting him you will understand why he is called Bloodboil.

We pulled him and started testing him out. He quickly decimated the raid and decided to knock our tanks through the world map. After a couple of attempts we got a working strategy going and progress was fast. Gurtogg is a really intense encounter for healers and tanks and as a healer I really enjoyed it. Fifteen people in the raid constantly take 600 damage every second on top of that the tanks get a stacking debuff which reduces their armor and does damage over time as well. Then every minute he goes into fel rage and randomly targets a player. He buffs that player and himself and starts smacking it in the face. Even though the person that is being smacked has 40k hp his health drops down insanely fast and the amount of healing needed is insane. Don't forget that the dots are still running during this phase. If a cloth wearer gets targeted you better be quick as a healer! These two phases alternate each other. Healers really have to be on the ball on this fight. The second difficulty of this fight is the tanking. Gurtogg has a myriad of abilities that reduces the tank's threat and reduces their armor. At the same time Gurtogg hits very fast and hard and the debuff can stack up to unhealable amounts very fast. It is a very thrilling fight for both tanks and healers and quite tricky for damage dealers as well, because they have to watch their aggro constantly.

Once we figured out how to deal with all these abilities we progressed fairly quickly. We got him to the low percentages a few times before wiping, once even as low as 8%. By now it was getting late, but if anything such a low percentage wipe makes you more determined than ever knowing this kill is within your grasp. So we pulled again, with our blood boiling everything went perfect. Everyone played at the top of their game while he slowly went down. As his hit points lowered and lowered our blood turned into a thick hot mist, but in the end everyone kept his cool and he went down!

Well played once again people. It is time to free some souls! On a side note we are now buying hearts of darkness so if you're interested in selling them feel free to contact us.


  20.06.2007 by
With the reduction of waves from 12 to 8 we decided to go to Hyjal again and finish the human campaign. After nearly wiping on Rage Winterchill, no joke, we started the second event. Only 8 waves, still no reputation gain though, made this instance a lot more enjoyable. Once we reached Anetheron people seemed to outperform themselves by killing him on our first try. We knew the tactics in advance obviously. Although it not being a very hard boss, you can still wipe quickly on him with the wrong tactics.

Excellent job people adapting to a new fight this fast and saving the past! Afterward we went to take a look at the horde base and gave it a shot. Trash coming from all sides including the sky gave it a more epic feeling. Too bad it will still get tedious quite fast.

  19.06.2007 by
After having defeated the first three bosses without too much effort it was time to start working on the more challenging bosses. First up, Teron Gorefiend.

A tank and spank fight with a twist. Every 30 seconds he will Shadow Word: Death someone. That person then has 55 seconds to live. After the timer expires you die and transform into a ghost. Four adds spawn around you which then start moving towards the raid. Kill them before they reach the raid or wipe. After the ghost phase ends you die. Sounds simple enough, this is very deceiving however.

At the same time your raid is constantly being bombarded by shadow bolts and incinerates while the tank is being hit hard. On top of that Shadow Word: Death randomly targets a person and before you can master the ghost phase you need everyone to have had Shadow Word: Death at least once. All this combined makes this encounter both dps heavy and healing heavy. Luckily we have capable healers so we only needed two for the tank while the rest could focus on the raid! Instead of the recommended four main tank healers I read about on some guild's forum. If you want to know what this encounter feels like just think of Vaelastrasz and having most of your healers get the first burning adrenalines when you were still practicing the fight!

Excellent job people downing this encounter in a near perfect try!

Click here to watch the movie!

  13.06.2007 by
Akama, his soul stolen by Illidan, his people broken. Plotting and scheming to free his people and rid the Outland from Illidan's reign of tyranny. He pretends to work for Illidan, but the time has come to reveal his true intentions. After helping us to enter the Black Temple it is time for us to free Akama's soul so we can take up our arms against Illidan himself. The fight starts out with some channelers locking the Shade of Akama into place, making him untargetable. The fight starts when you talk to Akama who then starts channeling a spells to break the Shade loose. However the channelers try to prevent this and it is our task to dispose of them. Once Akama engages other mobs start spawning from the two pits that try to prevent you from killing the channelers. Keep them at bay and slay the channelers to release the Shade of Akama. Once the Shade is free he will attack Akama. Burn the Shade down before Akama dies to free his soul.

An easy, but entertaining fight. Rich of lore and something else for a change.

Click here to watch the movie!

  13.06.2007 by
I am unsure what to say about this boss. Where as Naj'entus requires at least some effort, Supremus is just a joke. Two phases alternating each other. The first phase is just tank and spank the second is run away from this big ominous mob. Rinse and repeat.

Click here to watch the movie!

  13.06.2007 by
After a disastrous week where half of our attuned healers decided to quit the game we got back up on our feet and went to the Black Temple. This time with actually a full raid and more than six healers. Once we arrived at Naj'entus it was time to kill him. We positioned ourselves and engaged him. The fight is simple, pretty much a tank and spank fight. There is a catch however. Every 60 seconds he puts up a bubble that makes him immune to all damage and heals him up. You can burst this bubble by throwing a spine at him which he throws at your raid before he puts up the bubble. Once you burst the bubble the entire raid takes 8500 damage. Rinse and repeat and loot. A simple fight and quite enjoyable as a healer.

The fight became more thrilling once we almost wiped at 1%!


  07.06.2007 by
With Kael'thas down it was time to venture to Mount Hyjal. With Hyjal being a major event in Warcraft's lore history most of us looked forward to it. We all had great expectations. So we entered with 21 people to see if it could keep up with our expectations. Unfortunately after seeing what Blizzard had done with the place we were quite disappointed. You start out in a little human base with a handful of NPCs aiding you in your campaign. Once you talk to Jaina the encounter starts. Twelve waves of trash, lots of trash. It starts out easy and gets gradually harder. If you kill the waves fast enough you can rest in between, however with 21 people we didn't get to rest a lot during the last few waves making it quite hard. All in all killing those twelve waves takes 30 minutes and yields neither reputation nor loot. It wouldn't be so bad if you had a few tries on the boss that comes after the last wave, but you don't. After 30 minutes of trash you get one shot at a boss and if you wipe you need to do all twelve waves over again. This gets tedious pretty fast, Luckily Rage Winterchill is pretty easy and once we had a full group it took only one shot.

We came to Hyjal to protect the timeline, to make sure the past would not be altered. Although we succeeded in safeguarding the past for now, Blizzard did not. They turned one of the most epic battles in Warcraft history into the worst instance to date. The past will never be the same!

  04.06.2007 by
With the arrival of patch 2.1 it was time shift our focus to Kael'thas, the last remaining boss that blocked us from the newly implemented content. Knowing nothing about the fight and the bosses leading up to Kael'thas being poor in design, I did not expect much of Kael'thas. But I am glad to say I was wrong and it turned out to be the best encounter we had encountered so far. The fight is long and demanding and leaves little room for error. The only drawback is that the early phases become tedious pretty fast due to their simplicity and length.

On our first day we brought Kael'thas to phase 4 and we were sure we could get him down within the next day or two. Unfortunately during the next few days we were plagued with disconnects and people losing their internet connection with a frequency we had not seen since Thaddius. After a few days our disconnection issues seemed to have solved themselves and things were going well again. But then Kael'thas decided it was not his time yet and refused to finish the transition animation from phase 4 to phase 5. This resulted in him floating in the air, chasing people and us being unable to target him. So we made a ticket and reset the encounter. After a few minutes we got contacted by a GM who actually seemed to have an understanding about the game, unlike the Lurker "specialist". While obviously not being able to send us back to phase 5 he did spend two hours monitoring us doing the encounter until we killed Kael'thas. This was probably the first time that we felt that a GM actively tried to get data to fix a bug during live play. So lets hope they fix this bug as soon as possible. But next time please don't ask us mid fight who will get the phoenix mount if it drops!

So after the bugs and disconnections were resolved we continued our tries and a kill was imminent. But as often is the case, the perfect early attempts were ended abruptly by some stupid mistake in the later phases. And the attempt where we killed him was insanely messy during the early phases, making me almost call for a wipe. But once we passed into phase 5 everything clicked into place and we just improvised our way through with four phoenixes wreaking havoc and people dropping dead from fall damage after gravity lapses! It was hilarious in a twisted way.

Excellent job once more people for keeping at it for many nights and pushing yourself to kill him even though most of you had to get up very early!
After Kael'thas we went to Mount Hyjal, an instance I personally looked forward to. It turned out to be quite a disappointment. Thirty minutes of trash for one try on a boss. If you thought Black Morass was boring try Hyjal! So next stop the Black Temple!

Click here to watch the movie!

  24.05.2007 by
The second day after the patch, it was time to kill Al'ar. We had spent some time on Al'ar pre-patch so we were confident that we would kill it without too much hassle. With the adds now reducing Al'ar's hit points by 3% on death, all we had to do is figure out how to make a bear fly. What we came up with was nothing short of a scientific marble, unrivaled by any Gnome or Goblin engineer!

Bear Can Fly Technologies presents:

The Multi-Staged Phoenix Hatchling Propulsion System

It works on the same principle as a normal rocket, however instead of using hydrogen we use Phoenix Hatchlings. To obtain this fuel you have to prolong phase one by a few additional minutes until you have 34 Phoenix Hatchlings on your bear. Bring all Phoenix Hatchlings to a low percentage lets say 5% to prevent an early ignition. Then kill Al'ar in phase one to bring him to phase two.

Start the countdown:
10.., 9.., 8.., ., 1.. IGNITION (Read AoE the Phoenix Hatchlings)

At this point Al'ar rises from the ashes and the Phoenix Hatchlings start blowing up, propelling the bear skywards in a multi staged explosion! The bear's flight is so bright that it blots out Al'ar's light! Al'ar, realizing he is no longer the Phoenix God, dies.


A tactic you won't find at bosskillers!

  24.05.2007 by
With patch 2.1.0 on its way we decided to do some work on Lady Vashj and Al'ar, this would enable us to quickly defeat them after the patch release.

So we started working on Lady Vashj. The fight started out very easy with phase one, however the difficulty went up very fast when we entered phase two. Suddenly we were being swarmed by a myriad of mobs with a whole range of nasty abilities. From nasty cleaves and fears every two seconds to elementals that buffed Vashj by 5% when they reached her. On top of this all Vashj had put herself in a protective barrier making her immune to all incoming damage. The barrier could be disabled by clicking on the four pylons that generated the barrier, however to do so you had to be in the possession of a tainted core. These dropped from one of the elemental mobs that spawn near the water's edge, far away from the pylons and once you picked up a core you were immobilized. This meant you had to pass the core to each other until it reached the player near one of the pylons. Phase two suddenly turned into a ball game while we were being overrun by an onslaught of hostile mobs. This made phase two quite enjoyable and unique.

After a while we got the hang of it and entered phase three. This is where the mess started. Four minutes to take down the last 50% while five people of your raid are being mind controlled. It might not sound so hard at first, but this mind control was not a normal one. It increased your damage done by 200% your run speed by 100% and healing done by 1000% while being immune to all crowd control abilities. This made phase three terribly hard and random. Mages instantly killing other players, healers healing Vashj for 100k per heal and tanks running around looking dumb while Vashj made quick work of our raid. After attempting phase three for a few days and getting her to the lower percentages we realized that unless we used every buff known to man there was no way we would get her down before the spore bat onslaught that awaited us four minutes into phase three. So we decided to wait for the patch and quickly kill her on patch day.

Wednesday patch day, we quickly moved to Serpent Shrine Cavern and cleared up to Vashj. After a couple of tries we entered phase three and with the mind control ability removed we defeated phase three flawlessly. Final score Loot FTW vs. Vashj, 4:0!

Oh and remember don't demean yourself by exploiting the cores!

Good job people now it is time to look towards The Eye!

  03.05.2007 by
Clean kill, ss below.

  15.04.2007 by
Leotheras the Blind, the hardest boss in Serpent Shrine Cavern until Lady Vashj. We had spent a few nights on him testing him out and getting annoyed by the fast respawning trash. We made some progress, but it was becoming apparent that there was something fundamentally wrong with our tactic. So we changed our tactic, which proved to be our saving grace.
Clearing through an hour of trash we reached Leotheras the Blind once more. fully confident in our new approach, we decided to fully buff up after our first attempt. Our confidence was justified; everyone outdid themselves and Leotheras the Blind died.

Leotheras the blind is an encounter which you could classify as cool. The constant switching between Demon Hunter and Demon form combined with the conflict that rages within Leotheras makes it an enjoyable fight. However there are some problems with the encounter namely the inner demons. Every time he switches to his Demon form he will select a few people randomly who then have to fight their inner demon. If you fail to kill your demon within thirty seconds you will get consumed by madness for ten minutes. Most classes can kill their inner demon just fine, but protection warriors cannot. Combined with the fact that people that failed to kill their inner demon cannot move when resurrected getting inner demons on your tanks early on in the fight severely reduces your chances of success.

Excellent job once more people.

To Vashj!

  10.04.2007 by
Having killed Magtheridon multiple times and in doing so attuned the majority of the guild it was time to test out The Eye. To no ones surprise we were welcomed by a lot of trash upon entering The Eye. Unlike the very annoying Hydross trash this trash was very easy, however plentiful and once again on a 45 minute respawn timer. Battling our way through the trash we fought our way into the Void Reaver's room, the first boss we would fight in The Eye. We cleared the trash inside the boss room and pulled the boss. To my surprise we reached the enrage timer on our first try, which of course wiped us. Trash respawned five minutes after the first pull so we cleared it once more, drank some potions in the spirit of The Burning Crusade and killed the boss with two full minutes to spare on the enrage timer. This boss is by far the easiest raid boss. Hell we wiped more on Zereketh the Unbound.
Having that said it is always nice to take a new boss down. The fight was frapsed by Shinzon and the movie can be found on the Loot FTW forums. You will have to do without a kill screenshot, because I forgot to make one.

  26.03.2007 by
Lets pretend this news post was made right after the kill and that I have not been slacking on updating all news beyond this point.

The Lurker Below proved to be a very enjoyable fight albeit slightly buggy at times. It is very similar to the C'thun phase one encounter, an encounter I have always been particularly fond of. If you have done C'thun you will find this encounter very easy and will kill The Lurker Below in a matter of hours. Unless of course you relied heavily on out of combat resurrecting between phase one and phase two, which is something you cannot do on The Lurker Below.
Another thing that made this encounter particularly enjoyable and refreshing is that it is the type of boss you will kill on a test attempt, without any consumables and on top of that there is no trash to clear, which is a welcome change of pace. But as always there are downsides. Standing there angling for ten minutes to get The Lurker Below to the surface or coming back the next day to see that it has respawned can be quite annoying.

  24.03.2007 by
Were the words he uttered when he broke free of the spell the warders had placed upon him. His newly found freedom was not to last however.

It was Friday, an off day, on which we always plan Karazhan and do some casual raiding and restock on consumables. But when the start drew closer it became apparent that we would have plenty of people available to try something bigger and more entertaining. So at the last second we decided to go to Magtheridon's Lair. We had been there once before for a few hours, but never really pushed him past the "four adds dead"-mark.

Today that would change, after a few attempts we managed to kill all the adds and started to work on Magtheridon himself. Magtheridon himself is not that hard, however it is very unforgiving. If you fail to interrupt his blast nova just once, no matter what percentage you are on, you will more than likely wipe. This naturally happened a few times due to either inexperience or a simultaneous earthquake and blast nova. After a few attempts we got the hang of it and a kill was imminent. But as always no kill without a painful low percent wipe. And so it came to pass that we had Magtheridon on 8% with everyone alive and our cube groups moved to the cubes to interrupt an incoming blast nova when disaster struck us. When he started to channel his blast nova one of our cube controllers got hit by debris from the roof for 17k. Panic ensued and the blast nova decimated us. Combined with it being 3 am this was less than enjoyable. We quickly ran back to the instance and tried again. This time everything worked out and Magtheridon fell after 10 minutes of fighting in a nearly flawless kill.

Magtheridon has been retuned since Thursday which in practice means that phase one has become quite a bit easier where as phase two has been buffed. By doing so the encounter is overall easier, but still challenging and better in line with semi entry level raiding. It is still very unforgiving like Thaddius was in the past. If one person makes a mistake you wipe.

Excellent job to get this done on an off day people!

The kill was frapsed by Mar - download here.

  22.03.2007 by
Fathom-Lord Karathress proved to be a fairly simple and straightforward fight. The biggest surprise of the encounter is Tidalvess' windfury that can burst for 17k. Other than that killing Karathress shouldn't take a whole lot of attempts. If it does then have fun reclearing trash for two hours because Morogrim's trash doesn't despawn after you kill him! If you want an idea of the agony you have to go through, think back of the time when you were trying to do the murloc quests in Elwynn Forest.

The kill was frapsed by Mar - download here.

  20.03.2007 by
So next up was Morogrim Tidewalker, a huge blue giant, who was rumoured to be very easy. But before we got to that point we had to clear a lot of trash which has been a pain ever since The Burning Crusade got released. But as the firm believers we are Jesus took away our pain. So after a little while we were standing in front of Morogrim who looked fairly impressive.

After two test pulls we realized that he was all but impressive as long as your mages have half a brain and since our mages do indeed possess half a brain or more we decided to pot up right away. We wiped once more and on the next try we totally obliterated him. This boss is easy which is a nice change of pace after Gruul and Hydross. Most guilds will find themselves spending more time on the trash up to him than on the actual boss himself.

Our kill was frapsed by Mar - download here.

THE SWAN DIVE   18.03.2007 by
It has been a rough ride these past few weeks with so many people quitting the game or deciding to play the game casually. The pain of this was amplified due to the current attunement system which prevented us from doing Serpent Shrine Cavern for three weeks after the first Gruul kill. I wish the people, which realized that raiding hardcore with Loot FTW was not what they wanted to do anymore, well in their new guilds. You have been here since the first day and it has been a good ride.

It was high time to enter Serpent Shrine Cavern and kill Hydross the Unstable. After working on the tactics for a while we decided to go for a more alternative tactic which would allow us to beat the enrage timer with extreme ease. In the two days that followed we got him to 3% multiple times but wiped due to having added a respawned trash pack with the entire raid still alive. But as we always say no pain no gain, and the next day we made sure it would be the end of him. We went all out once more and together with the Swan Dive maneuver we devastated him in 8m30 even though we lost some heavy damage dealers fairly early on into the fight.

Our kill was frapsed by Mar - download here.

Gruul proved to be no different. A typical stat-fight combined with abilities that require a high level of coordination and self-awareness and ofcourse a bucket load of consumables, but this is hardly something new. However as with most stat-fights it does leave a bitter taste in the mouth when you wipe multiple times at a low percentage and have to postpone until after maintenance, because you ran out of your lifeblood. But at the same time it makes your all the more adamant to come back with avengeance and totally obliterate him. And so we did!

Maintenance had come and gone and we were prepared for a fresh instance. We killed Maulgar and moved on to Gruul for some dry practice. We potted up and all pieces fell into place. We raged through his hitpoints while Gruul grew and grew. Seventeen stacks tall and desperate he locked our poor dwarf, of almost equal stature, in a fatal embrace while falling to the ground. He was dead!

With the slaying of Gruul the first 25-man raid instance endboss has fallen and the Serpentshrine has been unlocked! The time has come to push forward!

Great job!

NIGHTBANE DOWN   10.02.2007 by
Well, it's been a long time since the last post. The new year has come and Blizzard has given us The Burning Crusade. So why the delay in posting? Well we've been busy exploring the new zones, conquering the heroic dungeons, looking around the Lair of Gruul and enjoying the size (and bugs) of Karazhan.

Not to say we are slacking mind you. Before tonight The High King has been defeated and a trail of destruction has been left in Karazhan. But finally a challange worthy of mentioning. The Undead dragon Nightbane. Hitting like a brick, making Nefarian look like a whelpling and producing countless adds, he really was one to be reckoned with him. But after a lot of hard work the beast fell, and with him The Burning Crusade officially began.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS   21.12.2006 by
It's been a while since last update, and we certainly haven't been slacking. As we are closing in on the last few resets of Naxxramas, I thought it was on time with an update. With the new patch came some new challenges and amusements, which we adjusted to swiftly. Nothing to complain about overall. Looking forward we have an exciting new year ahead of us which brings the expansion to World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. If all goes well, we all start leveling again the 17th of january. Hurray!

After playing the beta and getting a taste of it it's certanly something we're looking forward to. 10 extra talent points, new zones, monsters, dungeons and so much more. So until then, merry christmas and a happy new year to all of you - see you next year!

The time had come to put an end to Kel'thuzad's reign. After two previous nights of trying and two rather painful 1% wipes on the same night we set out once again to finish the job we had began the day before. Kel'thuzad was a dead man walking before we set foot in Naxxramas but to ensure his timely demise we buffed ourselves a little bit more than the evening before. We went in and on our second attempt that evening we were heading slowly towards either a kill or a third 1% wipe. However this time luck was on our side and we finished him off with a few men standing. After which we quickly disbanded the Guardians of Icecrown. With all rivals disbanded, mobs and players alike we can rest until the release of the Burning Crusade.

With the death of Kel'thuzad we close the final chapter in WoW. It has been a long struggle for over a year from Lucifron to Kel'thuzad. We have experienced many ups and downs since then. It all started in Molten Core with a bunch of people that barely knew what raiding was including myself. Fighting our way through Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Ahn'Qiraj and finally Naxxramas we became a well oiled raiding machine that conquered every boss ingame and became quite successful on a worldscale. I want to thank all the current Loot FTW members for a job well done and all the loyal members of the past that fought with us through the previous instances. A special thanks to a select few that have been with us from the very start those that have been with us through all ups and all downs and have never wavered. And thanks to Mar for providing us with the resources needed to make a guild work. Tonight is the end of an era!

With WoW finished we will set our sights to the Burning Crusade and the revisions that will be needed to deal with the changing mechanics of the game. You will hear from us again in whatever incarnation!

(No, we are not disbanding. lol.)

NAXXRAMAS UPDATE   10.11.2006 by
A little update on our progress is indeed due. We've had our first tries on KT last week, slowly but steady learning the encounter. A great one too, where alot is up to induvidial survival, which can put alot of guilds on to the bench. Our best attempt was 23 percent, which we hope to improve this week.

In other news: As you might know, throughout the history of World of Warcraft we've seen alot of different items go to, some say - the wrong class. This is indeed not the case in the great communist regime of Loot FTW. We all know that the Corrupted Ashbringer (which hopefully will be cleansed in TBC) is a Paladin Two-handler, and I couldn't find any more fitting for it than Bellator himself. Congrats to you, well deserved!

Another thing which is worth mentioning, is Widow's Remorse. This is usally a tank weapon some might say, but the dictator, or some call it GM (which is me) of LFTW decided that he needed the sword more than our MT. Its even enchanted with the best PVE enchant available out there, Beastsslaying +2. (Oh by the way: Check out the imba offhand. Perfect!)

Grats to us both! Now, onwards Naxxramas!

SAPPHIRON DOWN   24.10.2006 by
Sapphiron didnt turn out to be much of a challenge, not counting the vast amount of consumables needed for the fight ofcourse. Except that, its an enjoyable encounter, especially for healers! ^^

We first met him on sunday, got the basics of the fight together. On monday we had some semi-potion tries, with good progress - but alas, called the raid off at 23:00 due to the fact that we were only 37 people in the raid. On tuesday the manpower was back and we had a good raid setup - which eventually made the kill. And, last but not least; the boss died before midnight! Another one for the history books.

Only the Lich known as Kel'Thuzad left now, which we poked with a stick after Sapphiron, and hey, we made it to phase 2! See you next week, Kel'Thuzad.

Well done everyone, enjoy the screenshot below!

It has been a while since I left, (~2 months) and never did I check my e-mail registered to my account. Until one day I was talking to a guildie, Darchon, who told me about top guilds that had gotten a TBC invitation. So I immediately checked my mail box and found a mail from Aeus named "TBC invitations - cutting it close", which was sent 24 days ago. I was a bit startled thinking I just wasted 40 keys that many guildies would have enjoyed. So I quickly mailed Aeus and asked if it was still possible to sign people up. Fifteen minutes later I got the following reply:

"If you can get it to me before noon tomorrow I can most likely squeeze you guys in.."

And three days later we got 40 keys. Many thanks to Aeus! See ya in Burning Crusade beta!

THE FOUR HORSEMEN   17.10.2006 by
It has been two months since our last raid progress update. Two months since we reached the four horsemen. A lot has happened and changed since then and in a way we had to start from scratch. Rumours started spreading about our imminent demise, but as is often the case rumours tend to be untrue. The new leadership together with the support of the guild pulled through and tonight after a week of hard work the four horsemen were annihilated in a nearly immaculate kill. And to my surprise it happened before midnight. I think this is a Loot FTW first on a real boss.

Tonight, after three previous nights of wiping on the four horsemen with steady progress, everything fell into place and a kill was inevitable. However there were some oddities like our guild papak, Djuro, beating our guild matador, Alayn, on the damage meters! Another Loot FTW first which deserves the appropriate mocking! We also frapsed the fight and the movie will be uploaded later tonight for all those interested.

Now that we are back where we were, our next stop is Sapphiron and not too long after Kel'Thuzad and this time the next raid progress update will be a hell of a lot faster! Excellent job people and now I can finally quit in peace!

Yay, 36hour extended maintenance and players drooling to play. What can we do except updating the news? Well for starters, going through some screenshots. Shaeltal sent me a couple of interesting kodak-moments; Alayn owned hard twice. That pesky little gnome didnt only get owned in DPS, but he managed to send it to the wrong person! Secondly, Lust FTW is on the rise. Look at those ugly gnomes in their NR gear drooling for meat.

Enough off-topic! In other news, we're back on track regards to Naxxramas, expect a update on it soon!

ORGRIMMAR FUN!   29.09.2006 by
Late night, bored, BG-queues 20 minutes - what to do. That is the question. Well, to celebrate Niralda's new hat which looks awesome and hilarious at the same time, we decided to go own some up in Orgrimmar!

Yep we did.

REFRESHMENTS!   25.09.2006 by
So, it was time to do something about the boring webpage we had. I know for sure there was some people who thought it was horrible, including myself. But what can you do, desperate times calls for desperate measures!

Well as you can see the new design is in place, with a hot chick as a bonus aswell - last, but not least with same old "features" and not too much fancy stuff.

Hope you enjoy it! Now, time to head back in Naxxramas!

UPDATE   20.09.2006 by
Our news updating has been quite slopppy lately due to internal changes in the past few weeks. This news post is just a small status update of what has been happening in those weeks and what we are up to now.

Real-life obligations affect everyone at some point, and this time it had to be our guildmaster Cyosis, who realised that he no longer had enough time to lead a guild like Loot FTW. Everyone who has been in a guild before knows the importance of the guild leader (even more so if the same person was also raid leader, recruiting officer, DKP updater and handling the guild bank) and how affecting their absence can be to progress. It was obvious that this situation could not continue. With the counsel of our ex-guildmaster several changes were made to both the leadership and the organizational structure which had remained unchanged for over a year. In addition, we recruited several new members to combat some of the attendance and inactivity (a big WELCOME to those new members). Now, under a new structure, new members and a positive attitude we are looking forward to progressing again and finally ending Naxxramas, a trip which we started in the early summer.

For a short progress report, we are still stabilising the previously killed bosses and attemping the Four Horsemen, one of the most fun encounters we have experienced so far.

We had been slacking for some weeks so we decided to get a grip and started farming some potions. We went to Loatheb and got the tactics straight then potted up. After a couple of attempts we wiped very painfully at 1% to make it worse we ran out of potions so we had to postpone Loatheb again. We picked a date for the next week. It just so happened to be that half of our dps would be moving, be on a holiday or be without a connection that day, typical! Since we knew it wasn't going to happen with 18 healers in the raid we let some healers log on their nicely equipped blue alts. Like warriors with 3.9k hp unbuffed! We buffed ourselves up like crazy and took him down with relative ease in 4m52s. Now Blizzard said that they did not want to make encounters that revolve around the use of potions hence they nerfed some of the consumables. Loatheb is a contradictory to that very statement. You can simply not kill him without potting up your entire raid. Although it is great to pot up an entire raid and go all out it is also a tedious time sink when too much is required for every kill. At the end of the day potions>gear in terms of upgrades and Loatheb and these blue alts just proved that!

Mar made a movie of our kill which you can download here!

GOTHIK DOWN!   27.07.2006 by
Gothik, what seemed a fairly easy encounter at first proved quite hard. Infact we spent multiple days on him to get the balance between the two rooms just right. Due to the nature of the fight and the division of the two rooms not only bad performance can cause a wipe, but also overperformance. Both rooms are linked and as such overperformance at one side will result in flooding the other side. The encounter requires a high level of communication and skill and is far less gear dependent than most encounters in Naxxramas. This is definitely one of the more enjoyable encounters, because it is not so straightforward as most other encounters in Naxxramas.
Next up were The Four Horsemen who disposed of us rather quickly. This fight seems to be very promising.

You join now! - 26.07.2006

You join now!
The summer continues to take its toll and as such recruitment has opened once again. To combat the summer fever we opened up recruitment for almost all classes. Public applications can be posted on our forum. Make sure you read the application guidelines before posting. If you for some reason do not want your application to be out in the open you can write a private application to Cyosis in a pm on the the same forum. Cross realm applications will be reviewed aswell and if we still have a spot available at the time the server transfers open you have a good chance to join, if you meet all the requirements. Incase we see an exceptional player that we want we will use the ancient art of persuasive handwaving to recruit such a player. This frightening practice is used frequently, you have been warned!. Make sure you apply through our forum and add a profile of your gear. Applications without a profile will be declined by default and people whispering me ingame will be send straight to the forums.

Since there has not been a progress update for some weeks I will fill in the empty space with a short report. For the past few weeks we have been killing the bosses we killed before to get those wings on a steady farm. We also killed Gluth the proper way a couple of times and ofcourse we have been pulling our hairs out of our head on Thaddius and his disconnect attacks.

Inspect or dance! - 14.07.2006
This week we decided to check out Heigan the Unclean. Heigan is the Naxxramas variant of Broodlord's beloved supression room. The good part is that it is alot faster than the supression room, the bad part is that the fps you get are alot worse and it's laggy. On top of that Heigan doesn't properly reset after a wipe and aggros you from a lightyear away while fighting through his accursed bat room. Heigan himself is a fairly interesting fight where the environment plays an essential role. You either find yourself in the main room where you get blasted by poison eruptions if you don't watch out, or you get teleported into a trap room where you have to escape back to the main room to survive. Once you figure out the fight and the room itself he is pretty easy, although not as easy as some people make him out to be unless you use your inspect skills. I do think that gauntlet run type encounters should be fairly easy, because they are annoying as they are. He dropped a nice healing neck for one of our fat dwarf priests that has been running around with a blue neck for ages. After many months of mockery we are now forced to stop with regards to his neck, however we can still mock him for his inability to be a main tank healer due to his size!

In the nick of time! - 12.07.2006
The last day of this weeks instance and we were sure we would kill Thaddius, but soon after we bumped into a little problem. We had learned from our mistakes the day before and got the tactic working pretty well. And after a few attempts that all got thwarted due to a sudden lag spike or people disconnecting it became pretty obvious that the only thing that kept us from killing Thaddius was lag and disconnects. So we postponed the raid until midnight and started our final assault. Most of the lag had cleared and we started to make some real progress resulting in a few sub 10% wipes with one painful 5% wipe. At this point time was running out due to the extended maintenance starting at 03:00. Then when we got the message "server shut down in 15 minutes" we moved in knowing it would be our last chance. Then disaster struck, Stalagg bugged and fell through the floor resulting in the tesla coil losing its link which wiped us.

Despair was among us, but we rushed back to the instance. The fastest corpse run of our time while buffing up on the fly. We reached Thaddius' room at "server shut down in 10 minutes". We rushed in one more time, the very last chance we would get this week. Phase 1 went smooth and we quickly proceeded to Thaddius himself. We fought him well with everyone being on the edge while the server shut down kept ticking down towards zero. Where we usually worried about the enrage now we worried about the server shut down counter and at 45 seconds until server shutdown we killed Thaddius just before the enrage with 39 people. It was so close that we were unable to loot before the server shut down for maintenance. I hope Blizzard will be able to hand out the loot for us tomorrow after maintenance, but I have a feeling that their logs suddenly disappeared. Either way killing Thaddius under so much pressure with the server shut down coming closer and closer was quite a thrill and many of us did not dare to hope we would make it in time before we pulled. Great performance tonight which resulted in a 6th Thaddius kill world wide and the 3rd European kill and ofcourse our server first kill! We also got an unregistered drop from Thaddius, Spire of Twilight.

The Abomination and you! - 05.07.2006
Our second week of Naxxramas was quite a success compared to our first week. Our second aim was to kill Noth of whom we quickly dispatched after a few attempts. The kill was very smooth, but killing Noth hardly warrants a news post. So after Noth we decided to move to Patchwerk. We would spend the next three days wiping hard - very hard. Three evenings of wiping followed by three nights of data analysis and brainstorming. This all lead to the falsification of most information you can find on the forums. The amount of missinformation is just tremendous. However it also lead to the kill this night. After tweaking our tactic every day we finally managed to ensure the survival of the tanks with a reasonable consistenty. Conslusion, Patchwerk is a gear check, a gear check of the worst kind. On top of that it is also a consumables check. Patchwerk requires the absolute best gear on the vast majority of your raid to even stand a chance. Tanks just won't be able to survive without flasks and tons and tons of armor potions. DPS will simply not be able to take him down before the berserker rage unless potion buffed. And healers simply won't last. All in all we used 32 flaks of the titans, 120 greater stonecale oils and tons and tons of other little potion buffs on all classes. And we thought the Twins were bad at one point in time! Good job people!

We weren't weary of battle yet so we quickly moved to the next boss, Grobbulus. And what a joke of a boss he was compared to Patchwerk. On our third try we got him to 6% and on the next few tries we made some silly mistakes, but we managed to take him down quickly nonetheless. We call these kind of bosses a carrot on a stick Loot FTW. It is quite obvious that Patchwerk will be nerfed in a few months, but Grobbulus could really use a little buff because honestly he doesn't belong in Naxxramas as he is now.

Mar frapsed our Patchwerk kill and Grobbulus kill as he always does. You can find the Patchwerk video here and the Grobbulus video here!

Naxxramas Necropolis! - 31.06.2006
With Naxxramas being released at the same time as the start of the summer and world cup we kind of had a slow start. Having 12 healers out of 20 going on a holiday at the same time did not help alot either. So we ended up doing 30ish people raids during the first week which was ofcourse less than optimal. We managed to kill Anub'rekhan and Razuvious, but that was about it which was fairly disappointing. Then this wednesday Blizzard decided to move our server so we could not raid either. We used the offtime to replenish our ranks by recruiting some new people and starting raiding again on friday. So we embarked on our first full Naxxramas raid and cleared the entire Spider Wing in one evening first on server! A big welcome to the new recruits that made it possible. Recruiting new people means ofcourse that a guild has lost old people. Farewell to all those players that decided to quit the game at the start of the summer it was a pleasure to play with you. Stay in touch!

Viscidus down and AQ40 Cleared! - 28.05.2006
After a good month of slacking and lacking mages we finally took down the green Ooze. By doing so we cleared AQ40. Even though we delayed Viscidus alot we still managed to be the 6th Alliance guild in Europe to clear AQ40. Unfortunately the evil Horde managed to kill Viscidus before us, congratulations to them!
As is not uncommon in both Loot FTW and Ahn'Qiraj the loot was crap but the rewards of the kills themselves have been great. We are looking forward to Naxxramas to surpass our Ahn'Qiraj results!

We are still looking for a few exceptional players that are willing to push themselves to the limits in Naxxramas. If you think you are the right person for us feel free to write an application on our forum.

The bug Family! - 13.05.2006
In our rush to C'thun we never bothered to take out Lord Kri last, but boredom is settling in so we decided to give it a go.The bug family which is a unique encounter in the game due to the fact that the killing order determines the loot. Killing Kri last is the hardest way to beat this trio although I wouldn't say the loot gets any better. After a try or two we took him down without too much hassle. Would have been first try for sure if we would have had Horde easy mode totems!

The loot wasn't impressive although we did get an armament which was a nice bonus. As far as the Petrified Scarab goes it doesn't seem to use up its charges which makes it quite nice for the various nature resistance encounters in the game.
The time for Naxxramas has come. In retrospect Ahn'Qiraj was a fun and challenging instance at times. Having some very unique encounters which were never seen before in WoW made it most enjoyable, especially C'thun. The great drawbacks of AQ were the mediocre loot and the way Blizzard cockblocked Ouro and C'thun. lets hope that Blizzard will tune their encounters better in Naxxramas, but we can be sure of one thing. The loot seems alot more impressive than the AQ loot from what I have seen of E3.

The Great Sandworm Falls! - Server first - 07.05.2006

After having killed C'thun we went for Ouro with a very melee heavy raid and brought him to 11%. This would be our last attempt this instance because our sami brethren had somekind of reindeer riding festival. So we started on wednesday with a new instance and struggled through the instance due to extremely bad lag and disconnects. It wasn't much better the next day, but we killed C'thun again after a few wipes. C'thun apparantly got another "hotfix". Supposedly the double spawns were a bug so they just removed the spawns altogether during the weakening which made him quite a bit easier.

With the non-optional bosses killed we went for Ouro with a nicely balanced raid this time. Suffering from terrible lag and two of our MTs plus three dps healers and numerous dps classes disconnecting at 20% we barely took him down. Infact we only had one man standing when Ouro died, but shortly after our dps healers logged back on and resurrected us, how convenient!

Champions of Prophecy! - 27.04.2006

Nine weeks have passed since we killed the emperors and alot has happened since then. C'thun, a seemingly impossible encounter, wiped us and sometimes even our moral a countless time. But we never gave up and slowly but surely Blizzard changed an impossible encounter into an encounter where perfect executions results in a kill albeit still a bit buggy. It were never the bugs that killed raids it has always been the insane spawn rate of the giant tentacles.

Yesterday when we heard C'thun was hotfixed we went in to check him out naturally and worked all night on him. Unfortunately we failed to bring him down below 15% before maintenance so today we blitzed through the entire instance up to C'thun and started working on him again. It took us a mere three tries to finish him off. World 5th and EU 3rd C'thun kill!

It has been great working towards this kill and even greater actually killing him everyone did a superb job. You all made this guild from a little guild on an unknown server to a guild that now competes with the top of the world. A special thanks to all the guilds that supported us and believed in us!
To watch the movie click here!

A Week of Frustration! - 07.04.2006

Last week started with the implementation of patch 1.10, something we had been looking forward to for some time especially the priests. The priests got some nice healing improvements and it is here where the story of Alayn began. His talents remained unchanged and while all the priests could heal better he started to fall behind when it came to healing. For a moment he did not know if he should continue raiding, however the Wise Old Man from the North convinced Alayn to tag along for he had seen the future in a vision, a prosperous one. Under the influence of dried cod he mistakingly interpreted this premonition for a more benign vision and Alayn was about to pay the ultimate price for this mistake.

It was wednesday and as usual we started with Ahn'Qiraj. The lag was terrible but we kept going and after a few hours we killed Huhuran. By now it was late and it did not look like we would be able to kill the Twins before people had to go so we decided to test a new tactic on the Anubisath Defenders. We decided to bunch and AoE so we pulled all five Defenders simultaneously bunched them up and released hell upon them. Alayn, who was naturally assigned to heal his fellow blue named comrades, saw them fall one by one while he stood by paralyzed and unable to act. By extreme luck we got five times the incredibly easy Meteor/Shadowstorm combination and although most of his comrades lay dead before his feet the gargantuan Defenders fell. After this we decided to call it a day.

When I logged on the next day I saw that our instances had been reset. So we started Ahn'Qiraj from the beginning and cleared the instance all the way to C'thun. The next day we brought C'thun a couple of times into phase two before we decided to go to Blackwing Lair. The latency seemed good until we killed the first boss. It took us about 20 minutes to receive a single piece of loot which would prove to be an ever growing nuisance. We continued to clear BWL and once we downed Firemaw the lag became so unbearable that we all disconnected from the server which did not come back up until just before maintenance. So in one week our instances reset, our server shut down, our server restarted a couple of times and we were unable to loot Sartura, Vem and Firemaw. Ofcourse we made a ticket about this right away and the answer we got was that we wrote a ticket too late. This being complete bollox we wrote a couple of tickets and as of today 07.04.06 these three cases are under investigation by our beloved GMs. We will see what the future brings without asking the Wise Old Man from the North this time.
If the above sounds bad then the following will absolutely horrify you as it did Alayn. On a Friday morning we decided to go for Onyxia for once and we brought a few alts. One of the alts was a rogue equipped in level 30 gear who would later outdamage Alayn during the Onyxia fight. Imagine being outdamaged by Erlandos! For Alayn this was the icing on the cake and I think the following picture will speak for itself.

A Dark Gaze! - 26.03.2006

We have been fooling around with Viscidus, Ouro and C'thun for the passed two weeks to get an idea of their abilities. By doing so we made great progress on two of them. Today we stood infront of the Eye once again, the very Eye that vaporized us for 6 million nature damage before. But today we gazed back into the abyss and destroyed the Eye! All I can say is that it is a very alternative fight and again the margin for error is small.
Now that we have the entire instance up to C'thun on farm we are looking forward to work on the so called bugged C'thun phase 2. From what I have seen this phase is like nothing you have seen in this game before and I very much doubt that he is unbeatable in his current form. As long as we have paladins these bosses will fall!

On a side note Loot FTW is still looking for two active paladins to trivialise the PvE encounters so feel free to write an application on our forum!

The Twin Emperors! - Server First - 14.03.2006

Killshot here!
Movie here!
After three gruelling nights of wiping we finally took Vek'lor and Vek'nilash down. First few nights were spent on finding the right tactic and learning how to stay alive versus Vek'lor. On the last night we lacked one of our warlock tanks so we switched to a different tactic, a tactic we tried before but it did not work out very well back then. However after perfecting it we made great progress and wiped at 5% due to enrage. So we took a little break to cool down and went back again with avengeance and took them down in 13 minutes just before the instance reset.
Our first week in AQ40 has been very succesful. Skeram, Vem & Co, Sartura, Fankriss, Huhuran, Vek'lor and Vek'nilash down in the first week. The first few AQ40 bosses seemed to be a bit easy but the Twins made more than up for it. It is the most unforgiving encounter we have seen so far. There is just no margin for error.
Extremely well played this last week people keep it up!

Huhuran Down! - Server First - 10.03.2006

We checked on our little princess the first day and after a couple of tries we brought her to 9% so it was pretty obvious that she would die the next day without too much hassle. And indeed the next day we brought her to 1% on our second attempt and killed her on our fourth. She is extremely easy up to 30% when she enrages, which means she starts spamming a poison bolt volley for 2000 nature damage every 2 seconds. So kill her fast when she reaches 30% because you won't be able to stay up for too long, atleast not without totems. But if you're Alliance like us Maraudon is the place to be!

Oh if you decide to farm Maraudon do not ever ask Shaeltal and Mar to help you, because you could say one likes to hellfire and the other likes to pull!

Moving on to the next boss... the Shark. Untargetable, unmovable and unable to breath it blocked the path towards the Twin Emperors for a full night. Lyyk standing short infront of this humongous shark in an attempt to tank him which resulted in utter failure for many many hours. If you ever thought Jaws was bad you should meet Crul our guild shark!
After having defeated the Shark we met the five Anubisath Defenders infront of the Twin Emperors. We pulled the first one and it managed to wipe us within a few seconds. Tried again and wiped again, but after a few tries we got the picture and learned how to counter the random abilities. Once learned these trash mobs are fairly easy, although at first they will look alot tougher than most of the bosses in Ahn'Qiraj before Huhuran.
The Twin Emperors seem to be the hardest encounter in the game we have encountered so far and we are looking forward to wipe a few nights on them!

First Night In AQ40 - 09.03.2006

Thursday morning at 01:00 the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj finally opened. We quickly rushed towards the instance only to find out that it didn't want to load! After a few minutes of hugging the instance portal we finally managed to enter and to our suprise there was no lag at all inside the instance.
So there we finally were inside a new instance after months and months of tedious farming. As eager as ever we pushed forward and killed The Prophet Skeram and Vem, Yauj and Kri without any problems. Next stop was Sartura who proved to be a bit more difficult. She likes to whirlwind around the place ignoring tanks which means the raid has to be rather dynamic, but after a few tries she fell without too much hassle. By now it was 5:30 and some people had to work at 6:00 so we had to take a little break, bummer!
Still the same day just a few hours later at 19:00 we went in again and moved to Fankriss who himself was a complete joke. Only thing worth mentioning is that his zergelings zerged us into a wipe after we killed Fankriss, but hey that's why we have Paladins with divine intervention!
One day of raiding and four bosses down server first, nothing to complain about!

Let The Hammer Fall.. - 04.03.2006

Before the Sons of Flame spawn! Not much more to say, Ragnaros down pre-sons in 2 minutes and 35 seconds with normal buffs. Was good to see him go down especially after bringing him down to 1% pre-sons two weeks in a row. The Molten Core run itself was rather sucky so we didn't beat our 1 hour and 40 minutes total clearing time.

With the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj opening on wednesday and only having one piece of loot not go for disenchant I doubt we will be doing a fully pot buffed speedrun anytime soon.
Time to start going Ahn'Qiraj full time from next week on!

Wool FTW! - 03.03.2006

The bandage team!
When 1.9 was released Path of Wreckage, Dragons of Fire and Loot FTW banded together to farm 42.000 Silithid Carapace for the scepter quest. It took us about three days to finish after which PoW set on a journey to acquire the three scepter fragments. A week later or so the same guilds banded together again to defeat Eranikus, Tyrant of the Dream by doing so the scepter was reassembled. With PoW having the scepter we thought the opening was close, but we were wrong.

The war effort proved to be the bottleneck and would not be completed for a long time. There wasn't too much activity on either side and the war effort started ticking slowly towards completion. After a couple of months the Alliance finished their part, but the horde was still around 100.000 wool bandages short. Then three days ago with 60.000 wool bandages left we decided it was time to push the final stretch.

So we planned a wool farming frenzy. So we embarked upon a relentless stockade farm. It was fun to see some PoW players farming in the stockade. After two days Loot FTW managed to accumulate 39440 wool bandages which were traded to PoW. I hope PoW enjoyed handing in the wool bandages, I know Seraphim did.

Special thanks to: Ragemar(Vengeance), Ashzala(Ex Loot FTW), Komodo(Vengeance) and Lidana(Unknown) for assisting us in the Alliance wool farm and thanks to PoW for spending two nights handing in bandages.

The war effort is done let the gates be opened! And to all guilds both Alliance and Horde let the AQ frenzy begin!

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