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Malice > Peon (12) > 11/09/11 13:05
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Shameless self promotion at end, I know.

Also, I didn't know aleo had actually created a music sequence and uploaded it to the ftp. I definitely wasn't aware Tyllo might still be making something as well. So if this was the case my apologies!

Two Steps From Hell - Black Blade
Two Steps From Hell - Armada
Two Steps From Hell - Moving Mountains
Two Steps From Hell - To Glory

(cause there songs haven't ever been used before! *cough*)
nazrm > Frequenter (480) > 11/09/11 17:55
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Must be some error in the render, can't see Zilas!

23:32 Adnade- Naxx for me was like, the best instance ever.
23:32 Adnade- Especially c'thun
Zilas > "I TRIED MY BEST" (80) > 11/09/11 23:00
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...don't start

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