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Joelle > Peon (1) > 26/10/10 03:46
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Hello, as the titled says I'm interested in buying a boost for two achievements.

This post is mostly directed to the PvPers of your guild.
I am missing two achievements for my Battlemaster, they are "We had it all along *cough*" and "Resilient Victory". Both from the Arathi Basin meta achievement. I've done about 240 Arathi Basin battles and haven't got those two yet, so I've given up on sheer luck and am now looking for a pre-made group. I've tried making premades of my own but so far they only failed and frankly it's becoming a big frustration to me not having these final two achievements. I've known your guild throughout the past 5 years and know you're a reliable, trustworthy guild, hence the reason I've come knocking on your door. I can however understand it if this is not your cup of tea.

There are tactics for these achievements on comments, and I don't think it should take more than 2-3 AB games to get them right with a group such as you. I think this is quite easy money for you as I'm willing to pay 20.000 gold.

Please consider it.
Or just name your price.


PS I'm currently residing on a different server so I'd have to transfer to yours, but that's no problem to me.
Panos > "I TRIED MY BEST" (78) > 26/10/10 15:14
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Oh man, i had an ex-guildie server transfer to get the AQ-gates mount/achievment but you have overcomed even that for achievments soooo much easier...Jeebus. Just pay someone to play your account in Bgs. It ll end up much cheaper and with less hussle. At least i remember completeing these achievments while not after them, with regular solo play. Its a matter of luck mostly;x

Im sure someone will be willing to help you though.

P.S. To old TH'ers: Hello! I'll prolly play a bit casually (yeah right) on TH horde with valthurg,powerslave etc so if anyone interested for some 10man pve...


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