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Connar > Peon (1) > 11/02/10 18:36
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Hey, Connar here. I'm atm on the realm Frostmane EU.
But me and my guild are considering the FCM to Kor'gall. And I trolled a bit on the Kor'gall official forum.
And I saw your post about selling Rusted Proto-Drake and/or Starcaller-title.

So, what would the price be like? Proto-Drake would be awesome, but I'm not rich. Razz
How much for the Starcaller title? How much for the entire Glory of the Ulduar Raider achievement?
Discuss it here please, or mail me on

I'd love to log on your realm and talk to you, but my computer is broken atm and I'm sitting on an 11,1" mini laptop and can't do much. Very Happy

Thanks, Connar!

BTW - armory link;
I know the bossfight but I never reached that far. :< Since I started playing WoW again late in 3.3 after break from last summer. Sorry for the nonsense information.

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