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kiwi > "I TRIED MY BEST" (181) > 01/02/10 16:42
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This is the footage from our seocnd Blood-Queen Lana'thel in 25man normal. POV from a resto Shaman.

As a side note, The movie has been render with a H264 720p HD codec meaning you'll need the correct codes or a player such as VLC (available at in order to play the movie. Either that or just get some decent the K-Lite Codec Pack which'll allow you to play the movie in whatever player you desire.

Music from the intro & movie.

Linkin Park - By myslf (from Reanimation album)
Tiesto - Helsinki Scorchin'
lapin > LOOT FTW LIKES ME (626) > 01/02/10 21:50
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Got some serious felmyst deja vu there, spaming chain heal and running around little now and then..
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Raven > "I TRIED MY BEST" (88) > 01/02/10 21:57
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Wow resto shaman looks hard.

Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain Heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!
Toumari > Frequenter (448) > 01/02/10 22:26
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Shamans were made more challenging in WotLK I see.
Terrare > "I TRIED MY BEST" (131) > 02/02/10 04:43
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Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
Lenko > Frequenter (367) > 02/02/10 14:54
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At least he uses LH when appropiate. But yea, aura fights are stupid for any healer really, not only shammies.
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Rafeal > Peon (8) > 09/02/10 10:53
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nice vid
nazrm > Frequenter (480) > 09/02/10 14:52
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should have dps POV aswell in the next videos!

23:32 Adnade- Naxx for me was like, the best instance ever.
23:32 Adnade- Especially c'thun

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