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falconindy > Peon (3) > 21/02/09 23:29
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Hey all,

I'm an occasional visitor to your site, mostly because I'm always intrigued by the seamless integration between so many applications in your web design. I maintain the StasisCL listings for my own guild and have been somewhat less than pleased with the index listing provided on EJ. I was hoping that I would be able to get a copy of your php index that you have displayed. My listings are not public (the URL isn't advertised anywhere), however I would still be more than happy to accredit the author with this fine piece of work.


Falcx of BBB
Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 22/02/09 21:19
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See last post. (its coming Razz)

URL removed (There is a new sws.js file included since it needed modding to make the zones tab work since by default it doesn't support toggling of anything other then table rows.)
You'll also want to modify the loot.css file or you can delete everything but the .swsmaster tr.t { display: none; } line.

The code is something I wrote up one evening when I was bored so it is by no means good or optimized so if it does horrible things to your webserver don't say I didn't warn you. For it to work you'll need the xml history file created with StasisCL's history command in the sws/wws-history/ folder relative to the index.php file. Also all your log folders should be in the same sws/ folder. If you have someone who knows PHP and JS this could easily be changed. Currently it's sort of half work in progress since I'm working on making both the raids and zones tab generated by JS to reduce the bandwidth since it's starting to become alot when everything is pre-generated HTML. You will also need to update the index.php file once new zones are realeased or it'll just show Unknown everywhere. If I ever finish the new version I'll post it here aswell.

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falconindy > Peon (3) > 22/02/09 22:01
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Feidan you're my hero. I'm one of the few people in BBB interested in coding, and I'm one of those 'jack of all trade, master of none' coders -- other people's code and duct tape are my best friends. Of course, given the rousing endorsement of your own code, I might take the opportunity to rewrite in RubyOnRails. The web server this is all being hosted on is my own local comp, so I have a lot of freedom (and backups) with it. I won't be using your loot.css file at all -- I don't mind the stock look of Stasis for now, and I wouldn't want to steal any of your branding.

Going to get to work right away on hacking this up to meet our needs. Looking forward to seeing future improvements from you.

Thanks again!

edit: One other question -- what method are you using to insert the 'back to index' links on the individual reports?
Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 23/02/09 01:56
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Modified Stasis file lib/
Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 24/02/09 00:24
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I sat down and tried to locate the bottleneck and it quickly became apparent that it was neither the amount of data being transfered or the JS generation (allthough it did feel sluggish). It was the parsing of the XML history file that took time. It is currently over 19k lines and 3.4MB in size and it aint getting smaller.

The solution I created was to generate a static HTML page that gets served until a new history file is uploaded and then a new static page is generated. This means it will take longer to load (by about 2s) once every time you upload new logs (once a day at worst) instead of every single time. This should keep load times fast all the time no matter how large your history file gets except that one time when you uploaded a new parse. - You'll need to do some minor changes to index.php to point to the correct files and also give your webserver write permissions to the index.cached and index.generated files. I suggest you change the name of the files around in case someone tries to exploit some weakness that may or may not be in the code especially since there'll be two files the webserver has write permission to. I did put in some simple safety checks to prevent some abuse but better safe then sorry.
falconindy > Peon (3) > 01/03/09 00:17
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Awesome work, Feidan. Noticed the rewrite got rid of the extra JS involved as well -- always a plus. I'm curious though... with security being a concern, why leave the index.cached file without a .php extension to protect the source? I went ahead and added another flag ($writeIndex) to index.php that needs to be present in order for the new index.cached.php to be parsed. WriteNewIndex.php also, of course, got a few extra lines to print in the check for $writeIndex after ob_start();.
Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 01/03/09 04:25
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index.cached is just the cached index consiting of only HTML so it's unnecessary. It's the file that gets served to the browser.
blacktonOfDath > Peon (6) > 30/03/09 08:35
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Hi Feidan

Nice work on the stasiscl stuff - love it

Im working on a similar thing for our guild, and i wanted to borrow your ideas. I did some testing and have everything working, but the
tabs for the index dont work - everything is always displayed.

Is there something else youve modified to force their hiding and showing?
Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 30/03/09 12:48
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I've changed sws.js a bit so if it isn't included in the tarball just get it from and replace the one you have.
blacktonOfDath > Peon (6) > 30/03/09 12:49
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Ignore my last - i must have skipped your earlier post on what to do - fixed now.

Once again - great work.
blacktonOfDath > Peon (6) > 18/04/09 13:52
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Hey Feidan

Noticed you got it up and running for ulduar.

I figured youve made some changes to your index, we seem to have our raids coming up "Unknown" and not showing in the zones section.

Any tips on where i should turn next, or perhaps some code to copy/paste?

Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 18/04/09 17:22
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In parser.php you need to add in Ulduar and it's bosses.

$bossesInZone = array(
        'ulduar' => array(
        'eyeofeternity' => array('malygos'),

Also the $validZones and $realZoneName arrays need to be updated but shouldn't be too hard figuring out.
blacktonOfDath > Peon (6) > 21/04/09 10:49
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Thanks for the reply.

Shouldnt be a problem except the parser.php i have doesnt have a $bossesInZone array, or any arrays for that matter.

The only array I found was in zones.php, but they seem to be of a different naming format to what you listed, they are in a $zones array.
Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 21/04/09 10:54
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Old version I guess. Anyway looking at the $zones array it doesn't seem to hard to add in.

    $zones = array(
        "Ulduar" => array(
        "Eye of Eternity" => array(
blacktonOfDath > Peon (6) > 21/04/09 11:09
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thanks again for the quick reply, ill give it a go.
blacktonOfDath > Peon (6) > 21/04/09 11:16
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Yeah sorry to be a pain, i just thought rather than bother you with a version thats old, any chance i could try what you use now. Adding that stuff to the array didnt seem to fix anything, still showing zones as 'Unknown', even after forcing a new index.
Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 21/04/09 12:04
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turbopala > Peon (6) > 23/04/09 22:08
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I am glad that I have stumbled over your site and found your great modifications to the stasiscl listing. This is awesome.
I hope you dont mind that I have copied the files mentioned here to my own site also.

Please have a look here:

I have uploaded only 1 log so far with our great first attempts to kill XT-002. The only thing which is weird....why do I have separate Raids in there?
I think it should be grouped up in only 1 Raid but that is only happening partly. Especially the Ulduar(10) is really weird. This has been a pull by mistake when only parts of the group was there.

I would be very pleased if you could help me in getting this sorted out.

Thanks very much
Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 27/04/09 01:31
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Your index didnt work earlier so that's why there's a slow reply.

Since flame leviathan is a vehicle encounter there will be no player entries in the log and stasis will report only those players that actually participated in the fight. Either by being shot onto the boss or exiting their vehicles. This leads to the index thinking it's a 10-man raid (it checks if there are >15 players for 25-mans) and that is why the raid is split. Unfortunently the information provided in the XML file is not enough to make a correct assumption on raid size so flame leviathan will, in most cases, show as a 10-man raid no matter what.
turbopala > Peon (6) > 27/04/09 22:57
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Thanks for the response and detailed explanation

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