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Mythic: Uu'nat

Talz <24/06/19 22.48> 0 comments
Feels great to close this "mini-tier" with our best world rank since becoming a 2-day guild.

Looking forward to the release of the Eternal Palace and hope to keep up the momentum

Mythic: Restless Cabal

Talz <14/05/19 10.25> 1 comments
First boss of the "mini-raid" goes down after roughly 135 pulls.

We're on the look-out for some exceptional ranged dps / healers for Uu'nat and 8.2

Mythic: Jaina Proudmoore

Talz <04/04/19 17.26> 1 comments
Just in time for the mini-raid!

A really great result this tier. Much improved on Uldir and Antorus.

Mythic: Stormwall Blockade

Talz <27/02/19 11.35> 0 comments
Only Jaina remains!

Mythic: Rastakhan and Mekkatorque

Talz <19/02/19 11.16> 0 comments
Two more bosses down. One more to go before Jaina.

Screenshots to follow

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