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Mythic: Rastakhan and Mekkatorque

Talz <19/02/19 11.16> 0 comments
Two more bosses down. One more to go before Jaina.

Screenshots to follow

Mythic: Conclave of the Chosen

Talz <05/02/19 23.54> 0 comments
A fantastic first week sees us down the first five bosses, up to and including the Conclave of the Chosen. We even make some progress on King Rastakhan too.

Hopefully he'll fall next week along with Mekkatorque

Mythic: G'huun

Talz <05/11/18 21.05> 0 comments
Not the world ranking we were hoping for, but at least we still got our Top 100 Alliance achievement

First tier is over!

Mythic: Mythrax

Talz <16/10/18 14.33> 1 comments
EZ 4 heal game

Mythic: Fetid Devourer and Zul

Talz <02/10/18 21.31> 1 comments
Great job guys. Time to get crushed by Mythrax!

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