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Midpulse > Peon (2) > 27/12/09 19:58
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You are one of the top WoW guilds, in the world. That is why I would like to invite some of your best members to be a part of a new wow project website, that a bunch of us from several different servers started up. We are looking for the best of the best to be on our volunteer staff team.

Basically, our site is going to allow people from all different servers to ask any type of wow related question, and we are going to have a large staff team that specialize in answering certain types of questions(mage department, priest department, achievement department, etc). This will all be done through an advanced ticket system on the staff’s end, and a simple, small form on the user’s end.

I do apologize if this message is unwelcome. I am not trying to spam your forums. I just found your guild to be qualified to be part of this, and this seems to be the best way to reach out to you guys. Please keep in mind, I am not asking your whole guild to volunteer for this, just people that want to, and really know their stuff in the department they are applying to.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in being part of, we would love to have you. Here is the link if you are interested:
nazrm > Frequenter (480) > 27/12/09 20:01
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This sounds very familiar...

23:32 Adnade- Naxx for me was like, the best instance ever.
23:32 Adnade- Especially c'thun
Midpulse > Peon (2) > 28/02/10 22:43
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nazrm wrote:

There's a lot of good guilds.

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