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darchon > GET A LIFE (2092) > 25/09/09 14:17
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Hey guys, last in a long line of people with pc issues in the guild, here I am!

Today while watching some video, i noticed this ticking or clicking or w/e sound from my pc. After a bit of searching and listening, i found the source, on of my harddrives. Soon after the pc froze up, and i had to unplug the harddrive to be able to boot up again.

Now, i can run without this hd, but its my main source of free space, and I would really like to make it work again. The sound is as if some parts are touching inside it when it rotates or w/e. I bought it less than 6months ago, so if it cant be fixed, its a bit early to break right?
Chasy > WANNABE TROLL (1482) > 25/09/09 14:21
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It can be broken for sure, ticking sounds from a HD is really bad. I suggest bringing it to the place you bought it and ask for a replacement.
Retired gnome
Jegermage > "I TRIED MY BEST" (94) > 25/09/09 14:23
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Depends on if its a really good quality HDD. I've bought my share of harddisks and the majority of them says "no thx" after aprox. 8 months, some more, some less. I'm downloading quite a lot and extracting and deleting and renaming songs etc.

Last I had a harddisk starting to make sounds it would still be able to funtion. After a few weeks it said goodbye Sad
Bionix > LESS THAN 250 TO GO! (822) > 25/09/09 14:26
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If it is fix-able I high doubt you will be able to do it yourself.

As Chasy said take it to the place you bought it, if they wont give you a replacement consider sending it off for repair or just buy a new one.
darchon > GET A LIFE (2092) > 25/09/09 15:00
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Mailing it to the online store i bought it from now. Anyone have a spare antistatic bag? =/
trig > Frequenter (301) > 26/09/09 13:48
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darchon wrote:
Mailing it to the online store i bought it from now. Anyone have a spare antistatic bag? =/

They don't care about antistatic, at least over here they don't...

Backup all your data, and get a new asap, the drive WILL certainly crash soon, and with it all the data in it.

If this HDD is your main drive, play close attention that the computer performance can surely take a hit, and if the HDD crashes while you're doing some important task, it can get you into trouble... I suggest you go buy a new one, they're cheap anyways so you can always buy a new one until you get the replacement from warranty for that one.

When it comes to HDD think redundancy :>
darchon > GET A LIFE (2092) > 26/09/09 14:45
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Cant copy data, as i bought this disc because all my others were full. No big deal tho, only tv series and movies etc on it. Luckily I only use it for storage, so plugging it out causes no issues.

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