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blackdixxa > Peon (4) > 08/05/09 18:44
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Hi there,
While looking for a way to parse the logs from my guild I found your method
I don't understand why my index is giving me this :

Warning: fopen() [function.fopen]: Filename cannot be empty in /var/www/localhost/htdocs/raid10/index.php on line 6
Couldnt read/write/create the cached index file.

when I create that file it load a blank page... I'm kinda lost.
Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 08/05/09 21:05
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It will only generate an index if the wws-history/data.xml file was last modified after the current index.cached was. So when first installing it you need to create the index.cached and then update the last modified time on data.xml to be later then that of the index.cached, in *nix you can just type touch wws-history/data.xml
blackdixxa > Peon (4) > 08/05/09 22:12
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Well good news it finally created the index.cached files

it loaded perfectly but still looking weird

PS: yeah I'm Under nix, gentoo to be precise.
Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 08/05/09 23:18
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That looks perfectly fine you're just missing the proper stylesheets and javascript files (check the source of the index for where it expects them to be).
blackdixxa > Peon (4) > 08/05/09 23:25
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even that error division from tab_raid ??
Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 09/05/09 00:12
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Well that looks like an issue with flame leviathan parses. The error suggests the boss length is 0 (when calculating damage/time for dps) but the length column is non-zero so thats pretty strange. I'd have to blame it on flame leviathan being a shitty vehicle fight. If you can give a link to the data.xml file I'll see if I can get a better idea.
blackdixxa > Peon (4) > 09/05/09 03:14
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here is my data.xml
Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 09/05/09 15:12
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The error comes from trying to calculate the DPS for the raid (the empty expandable line at the bottom). The problem is that calculation only takes boss damage and length into account. Due to the way the script is coded flame leviathan parses will show up as 10-mans and if the size of the raid changes it treats it as a new raid. Therefor there are no bosses in the first raid and thus the time spent fighting bosses is 0 so you get the div/0 error. For now there's no simple fix, you simply have to go into every flame leviathan directory and modify the individual data.xml files to paste a bunch of bogus lines to make it appear as if there's more players so the script treats it as a 25-man raid. Do this before you run the history command.

<player dmgout="0" heal="0" name="-" pres="0" dmgin="0" ovh="0" dps="0" dpstime="0" classe="drd" decurse="0" death="0" />

Paste that line inbetween the <raid>-tags until there's 16 in total including whatever was there to begin with.
S0und > Peon (1) > 18/05/09 11:24
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I tryed to apply this kinda indexing system on my site, but i stucked with some errors.

Is this file containt all the required files to get this indexing system to work? Or is there any change Feidan, to share the "compact" version of your indexing system, so the newbies like me don't need to do more then just copy+paste it, or do some minimal editing in the php?!
Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 18/05/09 16:53
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That's all you need, read the thread and most other problems you'll encounter have been answered.
Lothriel > Peon (1) > 28/05/09 03:31
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Never mind, im retarded
Jonas234 > Peon (1) > 03/07/09 10:04
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Could be that i am really stupid, but i really don't know what to type in that index.cached file.

I read everything twice but got no idea of what to do. Sad

Thanks for help and sorry for my bad english :/
Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 03/07/09 15:01
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You aren't suppossed to type anything in it. Just make sure the webserver has permissions to write to it. When that is done you need to update the last modified (mtime) of the data.xml so the script realizes it needs to write out a new index. On *nix you type touch path/to/data.xml and on Windows just open the file and add a space at the end and save it or something.
igashu > Peon (2) > 17/09/09 22:38
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Would it be possible to make an updated tarball available with the new listings for Coliseum?
Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 17/09/09 22:50
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igashu > Peon (2) > 18/09/09 16:40
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Thanks much!
Painan > Peon (1) > 02/10/09 22:16
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I have another question, how could I get the parser to read the xml file to see if "heroic = 0" or "heroic = 1" and change the name based on that. (i.e. Trial of the Crusader -> Trial of the Grand Crusader)
Feidan > Frequenter (255) > 03/10/09 00:02
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Just add a new zone and add the heroic parses to it.
jazzman2k > Peon (1) > 07/11/09 13:09
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link doesnt work anymore Sad
turbopala > Peon (6) > 07/11/09 20:59
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Would really love to get v5 also. Can someone send me the rar-file or let us know the download link?
Highly appreciated...


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