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Are you going to play classic?

F*ck yes!  
  [ 5 ]  33%
  [ 7 ]  46%
Not a chance  
  [ 3 ]  20%

Total Votes : 15
Kir > Frequenter (299) > 07/07/19 21:58
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So many old memories coming back. It took 30 days played when i was a kid to get my warrior to level 60. It was such a grind and i had not a clue, even scared me away from leveling alts. Still it was so much fun specially when i got a hang of it and started PVEing and got to play in loot ftw during AQ, Naxx, Karazhan and gruul. Probably forgot more but one thing that i still think about is our downing of C'thun and also the grind on 4-horsemen. I took a brake for 2? months at 4 horse-men and when i came back we were still at it. That feeling when they were down was epic. Played DK during lich king and did mostly PVP. When cataclysm came my computer broke, didnt buy a new one until now.

Anyone else gonna give classic a go?
darchon > GET A LIFE (2092) > 08/07/19 03:13
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Probably! Might just be nostalgia, but who knows, could be fun.
Lyyk > Frequenter (454) > 08/07/19 17:41
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Probably gonna play a bit aswell
Bionix > LESS THAN 250 TO GO! (822) > 10/07/19 18:34
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Erlando > "I TRIED MY BEST" (232) > 12/08/19 08:16
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Me and Auryn going PVE on EU server
darchon > GET A LIFE (2092) > 12/08/19 18:46
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Looks like I will be on Shazzrah (pvp).
Lyyk > Frequenter (454) > 13/08/19 19:31
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Dunno were I'll go yet, some fucker stole my nick on Shazz Razz
Kir > Frequenter (299) > 14/08/19 13:40
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Ill be on shazzrah on horde side for the first time. Someone took my name so atm its Kiir
Kazzim > Frequenter (252) > 15/08/19 20:43
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Me and Corre is going to play. As of now it looks like we are playing Alliance on the new Gehennas server.

Atm Shazzrah community looks like it is corrupt. A lot of hate there plus Portugal, Spain, Polish, plans to play there.
lapin > LOOT FTW LIKES ME (626) > 18/08/19 14:10
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Im gona play as well, though horde this time around on Gehennas. Got both Lapin and Lapinkulta reserved, so dont kill me pls if you see me!

Think I got Lapin reserved on Shazzrah if I get tempted to level up my alliance dude there. That server isnt looking to fancy though..
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darchon > GET A LIFE (2092) > 22/08/19 14:51
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Seems like Shazzrah might be so full there might even be issues getting into the queue. I'm moving to Firemaw!
Grecio > "I TRIED MY BEST" (110) > 29/08/19 15:55
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Heyo : ) I'm also checking it out for a bit. Don't have much time anymore as I had when I was young tho xd
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Thunderpit > Peon (6) > 15/09/19 22:13
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Grecio! Thunderpit/Nelis here. (the guy from maarssen..Smile

I just started as well. currently on mirage raceway.

whats your ingame name?
Nirai > Peon (27) > 04/03/20 01:10
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Hello all Nirai here.

Me, Niralda and Gladis we play on skullflame Classic !!!

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