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Shinzon > LOOT FTW LIKES ME (609) > 30/01/07 00:14
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What dose the CD represent to me? Rofl who fucking cares about the CD just dont touch my acc Very Happy
Kheldan > "I TRIED MY BEST" (221) > 30/01/07 02:07
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Kids, those CD;s ruin relationships.
Vad gör du när Kheldan gör jobbet?
Bionix > LESS THAN 250 TO GO! (822) > 30/01/07 02:31
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Haha you can so see it in his face "For fucks sake im missing my raid for this bullshit" etc Razz Hilarious. He manages to get it over and done with pretty quick though, gj to him.
Grecio > "I TRIED MY BEST" (110) > 30/01/07 03:21
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hehe idd,

he's just thinking who cares about the fucking cd Razz no need for it anyway Razz

Stupid people ;p
To heal or not to heal. That's the question.
Hornblower > Frequenter (300) > 30/01/07 03:49
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sometimes when i watch crap like that i can almost feel sick just by seeing the stupidity of other ppl... how insanely stupid can u be! the only person with an IQ above 12 in that show must be the guy who plays wow.

But hey the audience bought it and most of the viewers prolly did as well so it's good gold i guess lolol

Americans ftw! the stupidity never fails Razz
I am the casual ownage!

"THE PEOPLE ITALIANS ..want italy server !!!!"
Akron > TROLL (1560) > 30/01/07 16:13
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With a gf like that I'd rather play WoW too
Pero wrote:
fuckin nub! quit the job, not the guild!!!
Kir > Frequenter (299) > 30/01/07 16:19
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Achron wrote:
With a gf like that I'd rather play WoW too


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